Quinoa Salad with Piperade

My friend Michelle's recipe! Thank you!


4 Cups cooked quinoa (cooked in vegetable broth or chicken broth)
1 Jar of your favorite flavor Piperade
1 Bunch cooked asparagus (About 10 to 12 sears, grilled, roasted, steamed until just done 

and cut into 1/2 pieces)
2 Cloves of fresh garlic, crushed
4 Tablespoons butter

Cook quinoa as directed and add to 16 ounces of Piperade.  Let sit for a bit. Saute 

asparagus in butter and add garlic until tender. Add to quinoa mixture.

If you don't have asparagus, switch it with another vegetable that's in season!

**Add in option**
You can add in shrimp, chopped pork loin, chicken (you get the point?).  I love this over 

lettuce with an easy Piperade salad dressing and some cooked prawns! 

(Also, this recipe can be cut in half if you don't need a large portion!)

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