Piperade Polenta

Use any polenta mixture and use 2/3 the water or chicken broth and the other 1/3 Piperade. Grate 1 cup cheese. Put 1/4 cup cheese in a bread pan that is sprayed with cooking spray. Cook polenta as directed. While the polenta is still soft, put 1/3 in the bread pan and create layers with the cheese (like lasagna). End the layers with polenta. Refrigerate for an hour or until cool. Take out of fridge and turn over onto plate. Slice like bread and pour Piperade over the top. Heat in microwave until warm.
You can also add sauteed diced green and red peppers in the layers of the cheese, and serve with a slice of prosciutto.

Beret Rouge PiperadeTM
It's not just gourmet ... it's everyday!

© Monet Bonson