Beans and Brauts in the Crock Pot

In a pan, cook four sliced bratwurst in some olive oil until brown. Remove the Bratwurst from pan. In the same pan, saute one chopped yellow onion and five chopped garlic cloves. Deglaze with Jack Daniel's/broth/beer. Put the above in a Crockpot. Then add the following:
15 oz. can kidney beans (drained)
15 oz. can white beans (not drained)
16 oz. can sweet corn kernels (drained)
16 oz. jar Piperade
1 tsp. mustard
1/3 cup thick and spicy BBQ sauce w/ brown sugar
3 tbs. ketchup
1/2 can of beer/other liquid
Simmer on low for five hours.

Beret Rouge PiperadeTM
It's not just gourmet ... it's everyday!

© Monet Bonson